Thursday, November 5, 2009

Archana Puran Singh hot BIKINI song from the movie Baaz...

Archana Puran Singh hot BIKINI song from the movie Baaz...

Ok, I am a bit irked right now, I did this entire post last night but for some stupid reason was not able to publish it before meeting friends for the night and its gone…just gone when I open it in the morning. So, here I am doing this post again for the second time.

Anyway, so what’s this about?….well this is a phenomenal Archana Puran Singh hot song from the movie Baaz. The movie released way back in 1992 and had Govinda in the main lead. It did not do well at the box office and so isn’t very popular or heard about. But, this particular song was a sensation then and still is with all Archana Puran Singh fans.

Now, if you are an Archana Puran Singh fan you probably see her judging reality tv shows these days but you may be surprised to know that she was once a highly coveted for her sexy roles in the Hindi film industry. Believe me, she is a stunner. Archana had one of the most amazing figures in her time (you will see it for yourself in this song) and she was not afraid to reveal it.

In this particular song Archana Puran Singh is doing a photo shoot with Govinda and so is at her best to give the most seductive performance of her life time. You can see her in all sorts of bikinis, swimsuits, short and revealing clothes….absolutely sizzling.

Ok, enough documentation, let’s watch the practicals….eNJOY this awesome, super-sexy Archana Puran Singh hot song…

Archana Puran Singh hot pictures from Baaz:

Archana Puran Singh hot video from Baaz:
Archana Puran Singh Hot

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